About us

Studio Marta is a specific experimental space where school projects of students of the Theatre Faculty JAMU are presented.

The concept of this theatre is based on three basic theses:

Marta as an unmistakable part of the theatre scene (not only) in Brno’s cultural scene.
Marta as a classroom, auditorium, laboratory, and workshop for students and teachers of the Theatre Faculty JAMU.
Marta as a simulator of professional theatre operation.

Studio Marta is currently an undoubted part of not only the Brno cultural scene but also of the cultural scene in the whole Czech Republic, with an international reach. Every year, a number of young artists leave the imaginary gates of Marta and disperse to all corners of our country and often abroad. An unmissable event of the season is the international festival of theatre schools „SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER“. As part of the traditional „Graduate Festival“, our audience can see new faces that they will meet in the future on cinema screens, TV screens, or theatre stages. Together with the Orlí Theatre, Studio Marta also offers a subscription system for the general public.

Although Studio Marta outwardly exhibits the parameters of a professional theatre, in reality, it is a school, a specific space where students learn, listen to the advice of their teachers, experiment, and create. In addition to teachers, professional artists are regularly invited to collaborate on projects. The idea of creation is generated mainly by the dramaturgy and directing studios of the Theatre Faculty JAMU. The mainstay of the theatre season are the graduation projects of the 4th year of Drama Acting and the productions of the Theatre and Education for the Deaf. The members of the creative teams of these projects are students of other disciplines, in addition to the above-mentioned dramaturgy and directing, such as the studios of stage design, theatre management and stage technology, audiovisual design, light design, and others. The key task is to enable students to obtain a diploma by carrying out projects according to the curricula of the Theatre Faculty JAMU.

Another mission of Studio Marta is to simulate the operation of a regular professional repertory theatre. Theatre rehearsals, premieres, and reprises of individual performances are held here. In addition to artistic activities, the technological background is also provided here: production of costumes and decorations, reconstruction of scenes, lighting, and sound system. The students of all studios gain valuable experience in perceiving the rhythm of the theatre’s operation during a day, a month, or an entire theatre season. They can perform their shows in front of a regular audience. Throughout the academic year, students prepare 4 to 5 productions and perform 60 to 70 performances. Studio Marta also produces touring productions in the Czech Republic and abroad. For example, it regularly participates in the student theatre festivals „Zlomvaz“ in Prague or „Istropolitana“ in Bratislava.


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